Studio Tecnico Battello, deals with the complete design of pressure devices, systems and boilers. Our service includes thermodynamic pre-sizing, mechanical calculations, constructive and detailed technical drawings.



Thermo-fluid-dynamic, structural with technical design

Our team of Engineers performs thermofluidodynamic designing that mechanical, using technical standards and technological tools of proven reliability.



non-destructive tests and checks

On the installed equipment, complete non-destructive tests and checks are carried out according to the regulations in force. Studio Tecnico Battello delivers a "turnkey" service.



Certificates according to current regulations

Our projects are all certified, moreover, everything is executed and therefore certified according to the calculation codes according to the needs, PED directives and thanks to the close cooperation with the notified bodies of the sector.


Studio Tecnico Battello



Studio Tecnico Battello deals with mechanical design of pressure equipment, boiler and plant engineering.
Studio Tecnico Battello is an engineering company specialized in technical consulting, mechanical design, certification, verification of the state of conservation, requalification and new certification of pressure equipment (heat exchangers, reactors, simple and complex tanks, autoclaves, heat exchange batteries, steam generators, pipes, etc.). Our field of expertise ranges between the boiler and the cryogenic sector, including all pressure systems for any type of industrial plant (chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, thermal power stations, power plants refrigerators, compressed air units, industrial refrigeration, food, distillation, etc. etc.).

We provide advice and technical assistance regarding the current standards for design, maintenance and safe operation of pressure equipment (PED directive 2014/68 / UE, ATEX directive, directive on the possession of TOASIC GAS, D.M. 329/04, D.Lgs. 81/08).
For any type of pressure equipment, we perform the mechanical and / or thermodynamic pre-sizing, the mechanical calculations according to all the recognized caldareria calculation codes in force in compliance with current regulations, construction drawings and detailed drawings.
We prepare, according to PED 2014/68 / UE and ATEX, the technical dossiers to be presented to the surveillance bodies or to the qualified subjects / Notified Bodies necessary to commissioning of new construction equipment and / or re-homologation of such equipment according to current PED 2014/68 / EU regulations. Our operating section of Non-Destructive Controls is able to perform, according to all the control methods provided, thanks to technical staff and collaborators, all qualified and certified, checks on the state of conservation of any type of equipment and / or pipes in operation, as expected from the D.M. 329/04, both in the phase of checks of ten-year checks, and in anticipation of a substantial change (art.14 D.M. 329) of these systems under pressure and therefore revamping.

We collaborate with the most recognized Notified Bodies, and with qualified national and international subjects, in order to get our Customers, through the documentation produced by us, both in the planning phase and in the phase of re-homologation, (ten-year checks), the Certificate of Conformity issued by the same Authorities. For their equipment / sets / plants or the reports of suitability for the year following the periodic surveillance checks carried out by the various parties authorized to which are addressed to our customers (eg INAIL ex ISPESL, ASSLL, TUV Italy, Bureau Veritas, Det Norsche Veritas, C.E.C, LLoyds' Register, etc. etc.), fulfill the legal obligations deriving from the D.M. 329/04 to Legislative Decree 81/08 art. 71.

The scope of intervention ranges from thermal plants, refrigeration and distillation plants, industrial process plants and related components such as heat exchangers, reactors, tanks, pipes and other pressure elements. The Studio Tecnico battello also has a specific expertise in the field of PED, MACHINE DIRECTIVE, ATEX, GAS TOXIC. These are mandatory standards for the correct design of the systems and guarantee functionality and safety by providing for periodic checks that the Studio Tecnico Battello carries out in synergy with the competent bodies from the ministry. The team of the company is made up of engineers, industrial experts and administrative employees who boast a high profile experience and professionalism, acquired in specific fields.

Studio Tecnico Battello born in 1984 from an intuition of p.i. Battello Luigi, who decides to follow his inclination and his passion in the field of mechanical design.
Over time, it has been able to gather around itself a team of engineers, mechanical experts, industrial technicians and increasingly qualified administrative staff, thanks to which the company has become a point of reference in the design, verification of the state of conservation, upgrading and new certification of pressure equipment and systems.

We aim to be a reference standard in the field of boilermaking and plant engineering for consulting and technical assistance, the study, the design, certification and verification of pressure equipment and systems, both for manufacturers and especially for end users, to ensure that installed pressure systems can operate according to increasingly higher quality standards, in compliance with the current regulations on environmental safety and of the personnel involved in the operation of such equipment.

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Starting from the mechanical or thermodynamic pre-sizing, according to the requests, we are able to elaborate a complete mechanical design according to all the major calculation codes known and in force (VSR Rev. 95 Ed.99, VSG Rev. 95 Ed. 99, ASME VIII Div. 1 and 2, PD5500, CODAP 2005, ADMK2000, GOST 52857/07 and 52630/12, EN13445.3, EN 13480, EN 12952, EN 12953, API 620 - 650 - 660). All the projects can be equipped, according to the needs, by: verification of external loads according to WRC Bullettin 107/297, PD5500 Annex G and EN13445, sizing and verification of the elements of support, lifting and anchoring in the conditions of winds / earthquake according to NV65 et NV84 Mod. 95, UBC, ANSI / ASCE and NTC2008.

According to the Customer's Data Sheet, we develop constructive and detailed drawings, complete with drawings of stairs and walkways, data and transport plates, realized on standard formats (A0 - A1 - A2 - A3 - A4), using special software. We are also able to process P & I drawings both for the installed piping, of each type, and for new systems, relating to: Thermal power stations, Refrigeration plants, Compressed air units.
We are able to carry out the structural verifications of the equipment we have designed according to the ANALYSIS method, FINISHED ELEMENTS and / or STRESS ANALYSIS calculations.

We offer the possibility of a thermodynamic study, design of the main components and estimate of energy performance according to the output data of the process products, in accordance with the regulations in force, trying to optimize the efficiency of the equipment according to the target system and some factors such as the necessary heat output, the useful heat exchange surface and the reduction of pressure drops.

service 1

thermodynamic design

Thermal design of heat exchangers.

service 2

Structural Design

- DBF (Design by Formulae) according to any calculation code

- DBA (Design by Analysis): design and fatigue analysis using the finite element method

service 3

technical design

According to the data sheet supplied by the customer, we work to develop the constructive design, realized on standard formats (A3 - A2 - A1 - A0) and using special software

Logo CHECKS / NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)

Thickness tests are also carried out on pressure equipment already installed in the plants and tested with the old ISPEL regulations, for which the appropriate documentation is released. (intervention report and mapping drawing of the controlled areas) signed by a CIC PND II level certified technician.
The verifications are valid also for equipment subjected to the checks mentioned above and falling on periodic visits in compliance with Ministerial Decree 329/04. In case of necessity, stability calculations are performed according to the reference code, using the measured thicknesses.
Following the request of the D.M. 329/04 and the subsequent Legislative Decree 81/08 on checks on the state of conservation of all pressure systems, and therefore on their good maintenance for the purposes of periodic surveillance of the law and their safe operation on the plants where there are staff who work, in the last ten years our Studio has activated the operating section for carrying out the Non-Destructive Testing of such equipment / sets during the exercise.
Our technicians and our collaborators, all qualified with level II CICPND, are able to perform the CND in the following methods:

- Ultrasound (U.T.);
- Penetrating liquids (P.T.);
- Visual and Dimensional Examination (V.T.);
- Magnetoscopies (M.T.);
- Radiographs (RX);
- Dielectric test;
- Checks with induced currents;
- P.M.I. for material identification.


All our operators are in possession of the necessary qualifications to perform these activities both externally and in CONFINED SPACE, being also in possession of certificates for "work at height" and for "confined spaces". We are therefore in possession of all the D.P.I. and the equipment necessary to operate safely in any type of environment, including ATEX zones 1 and 2.

We are able, where the customer does not do it independently, to proceed with the preparation of the surfaces of the equipment, so as to make them suitable for our checks. We can supply, independently or with the help of collaborators of proven reliability, the mechanical CLEANING of the internal / external members, the BONIFICA from the contained process products and the operator input (GAS FREE), the partial SCOIBENTATION (through the execution of cores ) or total and its restoration, installation of possible external and / or internal SCAFFOLDING (also certified - PIMUS). Following our checks, we release technical reports, stamped and signed by CiCPnD Level II Operators, complete with:

- Verification reports (for all the methods performed);
- Mapping drawings (mesh grid 400/500 mm) of the detected thicknesses; - Thickness verification procedure, stamped and signed by CiCPnD Level III Technician,
- Complete photo reports of all types of checks made;
- Possible new categorisations according to PED 2014/68 / EU for PED pre-construction equipment.

In the event that, from our CND, relevant indications emerge that can determine the judgments of non-acceptability of the checks performed, we are able, thanks to our skills in mechanical design and knowledge of the PED Directive and the D.M. 329/04 and Legislative Decree 81/08, of:

- develop mechanical repair procedures (when, for example, defects emerge during the LP or MV controls) to restore the necessary conditions of compliance with the operation of the equipment, elaborating ad hoc the repair procedures that must be submitted to the competent bodies (INAIL type ex ISPESL), becoming an integral part of new commissioning practices after repairs;
- to elaborate mechanical calculations to verify the stability of the equipment in the event that, from the ultrasonic controls, sub-sensors are detected in the tested members, to estimate an estimate of the possible residual life in safety of such equipment (these calculations become an integral part of the practices that are inspected by the inspectors during the periodic surveillance checks).


  • check on:
  • thermal-fluid-dynamic project:
    apparatus process and energy exchange
  • mechanical design:
    appliance structure according to regulations and FEM
  • technical drawing:
    technical drawing in 2D, 3D
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  • testing:
  • Visual and dimensional control:
    built appliance control
  • Document Control:
    Existing Documentation Control
  • Hydraulic test:
    Hydraulic test execution in presence
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  • periodic check:
  • Verification of operation:
    verification of security systems
  • Integrity checks:
    appliance conservation status

  • Internal tests / hot tests:
    appliance conservation status

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Of all the systems we have designed, and not only, we are able to draw up Technical Dossier (PED 2014/68 / UE and ATEX) that are used to test the new equipment testing practices or for second re-homologation practices. PED and new certification / commissioning after revamping.
In these cases, thanks to our skills in the field of mechanical design, the D.M. 329/04 and to our knowledge gained over the years of the procedures of the various control bodies (such as INAIL ex ISPESL, ASSLL, etc. etc.), we are able to provide technical assistance during the outputs of the various Inspectors / Officials during their checks .
We provide assistance for the processing of the welding specifications "Welding Procedure Specification" necessary for the execution of the tests and obtaining the qualifications and welding procedures according to EN15614, EN9606 and ASME IX.
We develop technical reports with verification calculations and sizing of the Safety Systems fitted to the various pressure equipment / pipes, such as Safety Valves (V.S.) and Break Disks (D.R.) according to EN 4126.
Following the Non-Destructive Testing carried out by our Technicians, we develop technical reports on the state of conservation of the various devices after a few years of operation, complete with verbal verifications according to the various C.N.D. methods. (U.T. Laminates sector, P.T., V.T., M.T., R.X., induced currents, P.M.I., dielectric), photographic reports of the areas involved in the verifications, certified control procedures, U.T. mapping drawings.
We are able to make mechanical calculations to check the stability of the equipment in the event that, from the ultrasonic controls, sub-sensors are detected in the tested members, to evaluate an estimate of the possible residual life in safety of such equipment.
We are also able to elaborate the new categorisations of the equipment built according to the previous legislation (before PED), necessary when checking old equipment, to establish their suitability according to the current PED directive.

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- thermodynamic calculations, FEM
- calculation according to VSR-VSG
- calculation according to UNI EN 13445-3 2009
- calculation according to GOST R 52857-2007
- calculation according to GOST R 52630-2012
- calculation according to CODAP
- ASME VIII Div.1 calculation

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- certified dimensional visual inspection
- penetrating liquids inspection certificate
- certificates of magnetoscopic control
- certificate of thickness control sheets
- hydraulic test certificate

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- periodic verification report, issued by P.I. Battello Luigi as a TUV Italy inspector


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